Clergy Gatherings

This Year’s Clergy Gatherings

PURPOSE:  To be further equipped to provide positive leadership in the midst of “times like these.”
We began this overarching purpose last year and spent much time gathered around tables in conversation and learning.  We named “times like these” to be the complex times we see for the future of the Church, our denomination, and our world situation.  Our topics have been selected by clergy.  We will be continuing this work together in this new annual conference year.


Thursday, March 21st from 9:15am – 12:30pm in the Sanctuary at Crooks Memorial UMC.   204 Cook Road in Yorktown.  

***Please be advised there is another large event at the church that morning.  Additional parking is located on the backside of the church.  You'll find this by turning left upon entering the parking lot and discovering it wraps around the building.  If entering from the backside, you'll find double doors near the sanctuary (all glass breezeway). 

This all clergy event will help us not only encounter the struggles we face, but create space to learn from one another as we reflect on our leadership in the midst of a divisive time in the UMC. 

As many experienced in the past 1.5 years, we gathered regularly as colleagues to discuss how we were leading and engaging our congregations leading up to General Conference, including ways in which we cared for ourselves. It is time to gather once again to be in fellowship, offer support, learn from one another, and name what is needed. 

On the 21st, we will engage in dialogue around where we find ourselves, our congregations, and the needs for our leadership as we move ahead following the decisions of GC. 

Gathering and fellowship starting at 9:15am, session will begin at 9:30am.  We will conclude no later than 12:30pm. 

**Hosted by the York River District Clergy Association

Tuesday, June 4th, 10am - Clergy Farewell Worship and Lunch at Crooks Memorial UMC.