District Initiative Workgroup Members

The District Initiative Workgroup Committee consists of District Leadership from both the Rappahannock River and York River Districts: Board of Missions, District Administrators, DCOM, Finance chairs, Lay Leaders, Treasurers, Trustee chairs and At-Large members. For reasons of privacy, please contact the district offices for personal telephone numbers and email addresses.

Administrative Committee

Lisa Jones

Lynn Manley

Board of Missions Committee:

Bob Casey

Stephen Little

Church Location & Building/Trustees:

Rob Gates

Bob Hill

Ron Rumsey

Justin Williams

Creative Committee:

Esther Agbosu

Mi Sook Ahn

Young Je Kim

Ted Smith

Marcus Stallworth

Donna Taylor

District Committee on Ordained Ministry:

Calvin Griffin

Brad Phillips

Finance Team:

Betty Hill

Pat McGuckin

Steve Stephenson

Bo Walkley

Lay Leadership Team:

Dave Berry

Judy Craun

Jen Robinson O'Brien

Nancy Yarborough

Additional Members:

Jim Chaffin     UMM

Penny Kelly     UMW

Jim O'Quinn    DDCM

Bob Pickett     UMM

Sylvia Rumsey UMW

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